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Just as world peace begins with inner peace, changing the world begins with transforming the self. Each of us that shifts our individual consciousness toward enlightenment, makes a tiny shift in the global consciousness toward enlightenment. Help change the world! Transform your life!

Let me help you to communicate with your higher self, overcome negativitycreate enlightened relationships, and create art!

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Long Term Art Project: Watercolor Pencil Totem Animals

I'm currently working on a 60 image 16" x 20" watercolor pencil Totem Animal Project. The Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish is the first of a 12 image sub-project of aquatic animals. I will also be creating sub-projects of 12 land mammals, 12 birds, 12 insects, and 12 images comprised of reptiles and amphibians. As each set of 12 is complete, I will make calendars of them available. Once all 60 images are done, I plan on creating a totem animal book and oracle card deck using all the images. With my schedule as it currently is, this is a 4 or 5 year project (1 or 2 images per month). As I go along, I create (and post) work in progress videos of each piece, which can be found in the blog or followed on my social media channels: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. As of July 2017, I am considering expanding this project to a 72 image deck and including 12 mythical creatures, such as a unicorn, dragon, phoenix, and so on.

Totem Animal Collectible Cards: Mammal Series

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Children's Book: At the Beach with Diana

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