The Unfolding Butterfly

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Coming Soon: The Unfolding Butterfly Virtual Gallery

Once I've got all the art hung, you'll be able to walk through the gallery (and chat) right from my website, rather than needi


Virtual Gallery Poll

A poll to help me decide what kind of virtual gallery to create of my art. Would you llike to see something interactive, soca


Luna Moth Accepted into Beyond the Garden Gate Art Show

My "Luna Moth" was accepted into Beyond the Garden Gate Art Show at the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell, MA


Construction Update Feb 17 2019

I lost all my pages from my old hosting provider and am rebuilding the site on a new system.

Luna Moth V2 Horizontal Animal Portrait

Luna Moth V2 is a is horizontal version of Luna Moth. It was done on commission for someone who like the original Luna Moth,

Luna Moth – Acrylic Paint Fine Art

Luna Moth is a mystical acrylic painting of luna moth flying through tree branches toward a full moon. Luna moths are symbols

Tiger – Acrylic Paint Wild Cat Portrait

Tiger is an intense acrylic painting of the face of a tiger. Tigers are symbols of ferocity, patience, and passion. Prints are

Amara Acrylic Paint Pet Portrait of a Calico Cat

Amara is an regal pet portrait of a calico cat named Amara. It was completed for her fur baby momma in 2019. The pet portrai

Posing with Maya Portrait

Maya and me with the portrait I did of her, at the South Shore Natural Science Center on Thursday night. The portrait is for s


Bentley is an adorable little shih tzu tucked into bed. This painting was commissioned for his mother as birthday present .

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