Construction Update

I lost all my pages from my old hosting provider and am rebuilding the site on a new system. If you are a returning visitor, you may experience 404 errors. I’ve got over 100 pieces of art to add to the shop, so it’ll take some time for me to get completely set up.

UPDATE May 14, 2020: Control Panel is fixed, but I’ve changed my mind. I’d have to log into 3 different dashboards to manage a domain and 2 subdomains. So….I’m just going to handle it with categories and tags. I may build my own virtual gallery that I can host on my own site, at some point. That, I’ll put in it’s own subdomain.

UPDATE May 13, 2020: I’ve finished adding everything nature related that was made after I changed my signature to the butterfly logo and my first name in 2016. Today, I created subdomains for my older nature art, as well as art that is not nature related. I tried to install WordPress to those subdomains, but I got an error message about the database. I contacted support and they said that Control Panel has made some changes that caused this error globally. They say the issue should be resolved “soon”. Because of this, further daily additions to the website are on hold until that issue is resolved.

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