The Unfolding Butterfly

Jessica Grace

3D Printed Products

Jessica designs jewelry and other items using 3D software.  She uploads the files to Shapeways, where they get created on dem

Soul Fragment Retrieval

The purpose of a soul fragment retrieval is to sever the attachment between two enmeshed people. This is particularly useful f

Removing Blocks and Other Unhealthy Energies

Blocks and unhealthy energies can keep you from moving forward in life, as well as cause physical problems within the body. In

The Unfolding Butterfly Ring (US Size 5.5)

// A size 5.5 ring of the butterfly (a symbol of transformation) from The Un

Lotus Bloom Charm

// Beautiful charm of a stylized lotus flower unfolding in bloom. The lotus

Healer’s Hand Charm

This elegant healer’s hand charm can be used as a pendant or on a keychain. The hand with the spiral palm is an ancient

Ganesh Charm

// This Ganesh charm can be used as a pendant or on a keychain. Ganesh is a

Psychic Birth Watercolor Pencil Drawing

An intuitive art piece of a vine growing and taking root, with a drop of water at it’s center. The image represents the

Peace Lily Painting

A close up of a Peace Lily, symbolizing peace. 16″x20″ original acrylic painting on 3/4″ wrapped canvas i

Morning Glory Painting

A close up of a Morning Glory symbolizing the need that people have to be open to the light of the world,  or to constrict w

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