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Removing Blocks and Other Unhealthy Energies

Blocks and unhealthy energies can keep you from moving forward in life, as well as cause physical problems within the body. In addition to conventional medical care*, it may be helpful to use the following meditation in conjunction with Lousie Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”**. ” Heal Your Body” is basically an extensive list of health problems, the probable cause, and the new thought pattern to use to replace the cause. In the meditation that follows, if using “Heal Your Body”, you would insert Louise Hay’s probable cause where I have written “[name the unwanted energy]”. Then, you would insert the new thought pattern where I have written “[name desired empowered energy]”. If you need help with this process, please contact me for a spiritual counseling session.
The Meditation

Visualize the block or unwanted energy (it may appear as dark spots) leaving through your solar plexus chakra (about halfway between your heart and belly button). Then, imagine it burning in a violet flame until it disappears into nothingness. As it does so, say, “Please remove [name unwanted energy] from all levels of my being.”
Next visualize the empowered energy you’d like to replace it with, entering through your crown chakra (the top of your head) as white light and moving down into your solar plexus chakra. As you do so, say, “And replace it with [name desired empowered energy] on all levels of my being.”
Finally, visualize that white light turning golden and expanding to surround your whole body and your aura, and say, “It is so. Thank you.”
*Energy healing should always accompany conventional medicate, and should not replace it.
**Jessica and The Unfolding Butterfly are not affiliated with Louise Hay.

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