The Unfolding Butterfly

Fawn Baby Deer Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Original Art and Printed Products

Fawn is a watercolor pencil drawing of an adorable, baby deer. She is standing by a river, with a forest behind her. Deer are

Fibromyalgia Humor Merchandise

Merchandise with my designs for "Fibromyalgia is a Pain" and "Fibromyalgia Gets on my Nerves".

Construction Update Feb 17 2019

I lost all my pages from my old hosting provider and am rebuilding the site on a new system.

Chronic Illness Meme

From Tweet  @FMByProHealth

Fibromyalgia Flare Healed with Kaile Dutton’s Help

November and the first few days of December were really rough on me physically. At one point, I was having such a hard time wa

Elephant Couple Mammal Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Drawing Fine Art

Elephant Couple is a watercolor pencil piece of two mated elephants standing at the edge of a waterhole, with trees behind th

Soulmate Union Customizable Products

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I finished a loving illustration called Soulmate Union Light.  It was inspired by my Creat

Soulmate Union Light Graphic Arts Pen Black Marker Design Fine Art Original Drawing

  Soulmate Union Light is a black graphic arts pen drawing of two figures with a rose blooming from their joined hands, roots

Macaw Parrot Wildlife Animal Totem Original Acrylic Paint Fine Art

Macaw is an animal totem piece. Macaws are symbols of communication and community.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

I'm not a person who is hugely into following celebrities, nor have I been a big Lady Gaga fan, which may be obvious since I'l

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