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My Pug Maya

My favorite photo of Maya, when she was a few years younger.

Maya is my special needs, senior pug, who loves to give five or a high fives when she says hi. She used to have a whole routine that she did, but her bad back no longer allows her to do all of her tricks. In addition to
intervertebral disc disease, she has food sensitivities, is allergic to bee stings, has epilepsy, is losing her vision, and had a mast cell tumor removed in the fall of 2018.

Her special food and treats cost about $160/month.

Her epilepsy medicine costs about $25/month. Her eye ointment is $75/month, and she occasionally needs pain meds for her back that are about $14 for 3 weeks.

Luckily, I started her on veterinary insurance with Healthy Paws when she was a puppy, but they’ve raised it to $50/month since the MRI and the mast cell tumor removal and give me 90% back (after a $500 annual deductible).

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