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Meditation to Release Worries

This meditation can be done anytime you find yourself worrying and want to let go of those worries, but it is particlarly helpful for relaxing at the end of the day.

To begin, close your eyes and take 10 full breaths. Then, visualize a cardboard or wooden box in front of you. Have it open at the top. One by one, think of the things you are worried or stressed about, and put them in the box. If you need to visualize them as words on paper that gets put into the box, go ahead and do that.

Once the box is full, visualize it being engulfed by a violet flame, with a golden center, and silently say, “Golden centered violet flame, please transmute the negative into positive for my highest good.” Watch the box burn in the flame until it disappears into nothingness and is release back into the Universe, where your worries will be taken care of.

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