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Lotus Bloom Charm


Beautiful charm of a stylized lotus flower unfolding in bloom. The lotus is a symbol of purity and fortune. As the lotus opens, one becomes more enlightened. This lotus is in the process of opening, as a symbol of the beginning of the journey on the path to enlightenment.  3D printed on demand by Shapeways in many materials (prices vary by material), including: plastics, sandstone, full color sandstone, stainless steel varieties, semi-precious metals, and precious metals.

We have one Stainless Steel Lotus Bloom Charm and one Full Color Plastic Lotus Bloom Charm already manufactured and available for sale through Etsy.  (Full color plastic cannot be ordered by consumers through Shapeways, as it is in BETA testing.).

You must provide your own cord or chain.

End User License Agreement: You may purchase and resell, as you like. You may purchase and paint Frosted Detail Plastic in any manner you choose. You may not reproduce this design in any manner.

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