February 11 2019

Life of the Artist Feb 11 2019

I had a good 5 days of decent mobility and low pain, but I woke up this morning really stiff. I cancelled another 2 hour shift with InstaCart right before it would have hurt my reliability rating. Between that and InstaCart cancelling me on Friday, I’m starting to feel like the Universe doesn’t want me working for InstaCart. 😉

When I took Maya outside, pain started with each step in my right hip and lower back. A long hot shower helped some. My hip stopped hurting at least.

After I finished getting ready, I took Maya for a walk down the street and back. I was having quite a bit of difficulty by the time we were on the return trip. It took 45 min to go 0.86 of a mile. Granted, some of that was Maya looking for potty spots. But most of it was me hobbling along with the cane.

Despite all that, I drove to the studio to finish up with the Blue Jay. I took it outside to spray with varnish, and photographed it unframed in natural light for the reproductions. I came back up to the studio, put it in a frame and hung it for the other photos. Next up, edit the photos to create a nice presentation, upload the unframed one to the various printers I use, and create products, and the final listing. Yesterday, I created and uploaded the work in progress video. I just need to make it public and add it to the portfolio page. Hopefully, I’ll finish that in the next few hours. 🤞

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