Jessica’s Artist’s Statement

My art focuses on animals and nature, as these are part of my coping mechanisms that bring me peace from my C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that was brought on by repeated traumas that began in early childhood. In addition to C-PTSD, I have Dissociative Identity Disorder.  I also have a personality, Sunshine, who uses meditation for healing, as well as assisting me with my work. In my work in progress videos, you may see me working with either hand because there has been a personality switch.

Often, we are so wrapped up in the dramas of our daily lives, that we lose the bigger picture: If we continue to act in self-destructive ways, we will destroy ourselves. To avoid doing so, we need to change our attitude towards all life to one of love. With love, we can create healing and new life. With each person that changes their perception to one of love, we increase our chances to heal our lives and our planet. We must learn to coexist with all our neighbors, whatever the race or species. As what we do to ourselves, also affects our human, animal, and plant neighbors. Act out of love towards yourself and others, and you will receive love in return. It all begins with you. Let the joys of life grow within you, and then spread to the world around you . . . as a flower grows under the light of the sun, spreads its seeds across the land, and creates more beauty for all. When I first started out, I wrote the preceding paragraph as the main part of my statement. This is still true today, but now more than ever we really need to focus on the impact we are having on our planet for the sake of all life living on it. For example, it really bothers me that I use acrylic paint. Unfortunately, it is what I’m best at. So, I do my best to make less of an impact. I use Liquitex Basics paint which is non-toxic (although, although that may only be to humans).  Beyond that, I dispose of my paint water using Golden’s method for removing paint from the water. In addition to changes in my personal life, I donate 10% of the sale of my original art to World Wildlife Fund.  When I walks, I try to remember to use the Charity Miles app to support WWF.  I use Amazon Smile to support them when I shop on Amazon, as well. I also give to the other programs, when I can. In 2020, I gave to: The Nature Conservancy, Quincy Animal Shelter, California Fire Foundation SAVE Program, and 8 Billion Trees. Read my Artist Biography
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