I See Into You Cat Acrylic Paint Fine Art Original

I See Into You is a bold painting which some people find unsettling. The cat stares at you from the canvas with intense, blue eyes. Is she trying to read your mind, or influence it? Cats are symbols of intuition, independence, and curiosity.

This painting is portrait of a stray cat that my mother took in back in the early 2000s. She was a buff colored cat with darker tan markings on her face. Originally, I had titled this piece “Ditto: Portrait of a Stray Cat“, since my mom had named her Ditto.

The 16″x20″ original Liquitex acrylic painting on 3/4″ wrapped canvas took me approximately 16 hours to complete. I finished it in 2006, under my birth name.

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I See Into You Poster

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