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Gaga: Five Foot Two

I’m not a person who is hugely into following celebrities, nor have I been a big Lady Gaga fan, which may be obvious since I’ll just writing this.  Last night, I watched Gaga: Five Foot Two.  It is a Netflix documentary on Lady Gaga, in which she talks about her fibromyalgia. She doesn’t do so to the extent that I was hoping. Granted, it is an invisible illness, but there are times when my legs are so tight I’m shuffling or I’m dragging one along, and they don’t show anything that intense in the documentary. They do show her managing it a few times, but she’s never really debilitated by it to that extent. However, that may be because she has the resources to have a very good team of people helping her with it. She makes living with it look fairly easy.  They showed her getting massages and shots on multiple occasions. In the one scene where she seemed most affected, she was laying on a couch, getting a massage and looking terrible. She described the pain she was feeling on the right side of her body. She also said that she couldn’t imagine what it’s like for those battling fibromyalgia who aren’t fortunate enough to have the resources that she has. It was a compassion filled and very self aware moment, where she realized how privileged she is. I give her kudos for that. From what I gathered from the movie, the illness has changed her and made her more real. All of that said, she is a very talented musician and performer, as well. I’m glad I watched the movie, even though it wasn’t quite the exposé on her condition that I’d been expecting.

Below is a talk show discussing Lady Gaga and Fibromyalgia

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