Fibromyalgia Flare Healed with Kaile Dutton’s Help

November and the first few days of December were really rough on me physically. At one point, I was having such a hard time walking, I bought myself a cane. My friend, Kaile Dutton of Phoenix Lightworks came to my studio to help me on December 11. She did a mixture of Theta Healing, sound healing, hands on healing, and selenite crystal healing.

By the time she and I sat together, I had already done some work on my own to get my pain level from a 10 down to a 5. We are good friends and chatted for quite some time before she stated the session. During that time, my pain went back up to a 7. With the increase in my discomfort, she decided we should get started.

We worked through removing 3 unhealthy belief systems that I was holding onto on 4 levels of my being: soul, DNA, historical, and ancestral. After we cleared those, she did the hands on healing session. When she put one finger on my back and other on my head, she told me my spine was crooked. I told her the doctor (actually an NP) said that a month or so ago. The muscles were so tight on the right side, they were contorting my spine. Kaile said a prayer and there was instant release, and my pain dropped to a 2.

A few days later, I was basically pain free. My right thigh and knee feel were so loose, I occasionally used too much effort to move them and it’s rather comical. It’s been nearly a month now and I’ve adjusted, so I’m no longer comical. Things also tightened back up a little bit beginning on Christmas Eve. For about a week, my pain level was around a 2 or a 3.

This tells me a couple of things. I need Kaile to do more hands on healing. But, more importantly, the belief systems we changed were not the ones causing my Fibromyalgia (which I figured), and we need to do another session to figure out what those are and alter them.

Thank you, Kaile!

Medicine Woman - The Unfolding Butterfly
Medicine Woman by The Unfolding Butterfly

Medicine Woman is a smiling woman wearing a headdress.  Behind her is a river and evergreen trees.  The image was inspired by a photo of a friend of mine, Kaile Dutton of Phoenix Lightworks (reference photo used with permission by the subject and the photographer).

The flesh tones of Medicine Woman are Liquitex acrylic paint and the rest is General’s Kimberly watercolor pencil on Canson watercolor paper (18″ square). It took me about 27 hours finish, in 2016.

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