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Emergency GoFundMe Campaign

The furry pouty one is Maya and the human pouty one is Jessica. I (Jessica) am an artist, but I suffer from severe PTSD, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, I have disc degeneration, stenosis, and radiculopathy all in my neck. I haven’t been able to work (other than my art when I’m feeling well enough) in many months.

I applied for SSDI and SSI at the end of Feb 2019. Along with 65% of applicants, I was denied my initial application. I meet with an advocate Aug 26th to make an appeal. In the meantime, I’ve gotten SNAP and welfare through MA Department of Transitional Assistance, but I only get $192 a month for food and $303 for welfare. I have a car loan and lots of credit card bills, which are worse from not working for so long and the cards are just about maxed out. My expenses (before rent) are about $1300/month.

During all this, we have also become homeless. I have contacted Social Workers who are looking into Emergency Housing, but having a dog complicates things. I have also applied to over 70 housing authorities. No luck so far, so we need money for rent or a motel or something.

I am seeing both a therapist and a physical therapist twice a week. I need to make sure I also have money for gas and medications. Please donate, ask me about buying my art or prints, or simply share the campaign. Thanks!

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