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D.I.D. Real Talk: Why the Hold Up on the Peacock

So here’s the deal. We had to stop working on the Peacock for awhile because our 5-year-old personality was afraid of doing it wrong. Every time we tried, she shut down, we got a migraine, and all we could do was curl up in a ball. Long story short, I suffered abuse at daycare because I was doing art wrong when I was 5.

Do I know it’s ridiculous to have this reaction? Yes. I tried to reason with the 5-year-old personality that no one is going to hurt us if we do it wrong. The depressed 15-year-old personality piped up with a very unhelpful, “But no one will buy it.” And so, the Peacock sits until I can find a way around all of this trauma response and we’re working on 3D models.

The plus side: the really active personalities are really passionate about 3D models and we don’t associate them directly with any traumas, so I’m hoping we can continue to be productive since we’re working independently and are self-taught. We are also looking forward to using the models to create animated shorts that take place in Haven. That’s going to take some learning and practice on my part. My experience so far is mostly with creating models, rather than rigging, weighting, and animating. Fingers crossed no one hijacks my brain to stop this project. 😉

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