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Mammal Totem Animals

Mammals done for my Totem Animal Project

Fawn Baby Deer Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Original Art and Printed Products

Fawn is a watercolor pencil drawing of an adorable, baby deer. She is standing by a river, with a forest behind her. Deer are symbols of: adaptability, angels, innocence, peace, softness, new adventures, new opportunities, and the woodland goddess. This is the 17th image of the Totem Animal Project, and 5th in the Mammal Series.

Elephant Couple Mammal Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Drawing Fine Art

Elephant Couple is a watercolor pencil piece of two mated elephants standing at the edge of a waterhole, with trees behind them. Their trunks are entwined to show their unity. Elephants are symbols of: Ancestors, Astral Projection, Collective Consciousness, Community, Dreams, Manifestation, Memory, Patience, Strength, and Wisdom.

error: © Jessica Grace Leahy DBA The Unfolding Butterfly
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