Avian Totem Animals

New Avian Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Drawing: Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker is a larger than life watercolor pencil drawing of a downy woodpecker standing on a branch; getting ready to peck it. It is the 27th piece of the Totem Animal Project and the 3rd piece of the Avian Series. Woodpeckers are symbols of: camouflage, creating a matrix, desires of the heart, drumming, persistence, root (or base) chakra, sensory location, territory, and vibration.

BlueJayWIP1 © Jessica Grace Leahy DBA The Unfolding Butterfly

Work in Progress: Blue Jay

I’ve begun the second piece of the Avian Series for the Totem Animal Project. I’ve put about 3.5 hours into Blue Jay so far. Bonus: my good security camera (I have a few of varying types) is working again (it wasn’t for the Cardinal Couple), so I’m able to do time lapse work in progress videos again. I compile all the sessions into one video, once the drawing is complete.

error: © Jessica Grace Leahy DBA The Unfolding Butterfly
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