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Watercolor Pencil Drawings

Hamsa Hand Auction

For February, I'm auctioning off my watercolor pencil drawing called Hamsa Hand AKA Hand of Fatima. Auctions are accessible e

Blue Jay is Complete!

Blue Jay watercolor pencil avian totem animal fine art drawing is complete! View post for link to Blue Jay in the Portfolio.

Blue Jay Avian Totem Animal WIP 2

Yesterday, I put another couple of hours into the #BlueJay Avian Totem Animal #watercolorpencil piece. #BirdArt #WIP #WorkInPr

Work in Progress: Blue Jay

I've begun the second piece of the Avian Series for the Totem Animal Project. I've put about 3.5 hours into Blue Jay so far.

New Art Completed Jan 2019

I completed 3 pieces in January of 2019. One of them is part of the Totem Animal Project; it is Cardinal Couple. The other 2

Drawings on Display at Baking with Joy

A small selection of my drawings are on display at Baking with Joy. Visit them to view: Horse, Elephant Couple, Fawn, Fox, Moo

Fawn Baby Deer Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Original Art and Printed Products

Fawn is a watercolor pencil drawing of an adorable, baby deer. She is standing by a river, with a forest behind her. Deer are

Elephant Couple Mammal Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Drawing Fine Art

Elephant Couple is a watercolor pencil piece of two mated elephants standing at the edge of a waterhole, with trees behind th

The Unfolding Butterfly in Second Life Marketplace

I've been a Second Life® resident under various avatar names since February 2007. I'm currently JessieLeahy. I don't spend mu

At the Beach with Diana Children’s Book

“At the Beach with Diana” is a children’s book (which I've written and illustrated) that encourages imaginative play,

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