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Watercolor Pencil Drawings

My watercolor pencil drawings

New Avian Totem Animal Watercolor Pencil Drawing: Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker is a larger than life watercolor pencil drawing of a downy woodpecker standing on a branch; getting ready to peck it. It is the 27th piece of the Totem Animal Project and the 3rd piece of the Avian Series. Woodpeckers are symbols of: camouflage, creating a matrix, desires of the heart, drumming, persistence, root (or base) chakra, sensory location, territory, and vibration.

Sand Dollar and Scallop Shell Watercolor Pencil Beach Fine Art Drawings

Sand Dollar and Scallop Shell are small watercolor pencil drawings I completed last week. Each original is available for sale in my portfolio, as well as prints and air fresheners. View Sand Dollar and Scallop Shell in the portfolio to purchase.

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