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Now Complete! Peacock Original Acrylic Painting

Peacock Original is a close-up acrylic painting of a portrait of a peacock. It took me about 27.25 hours in 2021 and about 9 hours in 2022 for a total of 36.25 hours.

Buy Peacock Original to inspire you to follow your dreams.

Koala Acrylic Paint Fine Art Original

Koala is an adorable acrylic painting of a koala staring at the viewer from a fork in a tree. Koala teaches you to slow down, gain a new perspective, be peaceful, and get in touch with your inner being.

Call upon Koala to help you be in the moment and tap into your true creative power!

Unicorn in the Moonlight – Fantasy Acrylic Paint Fine Art Original

Unicorn in the Moonlight is a close up acrylic painting of a mystical, moonlight unicorn turning back around to look at the viewer.  Unicorns have great universal wisdom, and their horns are said to heal by touch.  They are masters of telepathy, transmutation, and manifestation. Unicorns are especially interested in protecting the Earth and helping the pure of heart.

Call upon Unicorn to help you breakthrough barriers and fulfill your true life purpose!

Luna Moth – Acrylic Paint Fine Art

Luna Moth is a mystical acrylic painting of luna moth flying through tree branches toward a full moon. Luna moths are symbols of the soul and rebirth.

The original painting is done with Liquitex acrylic paint on a 20″ x 24″ x 1.5″ gallery framed canvas. The image continues onto the edges. It took me about 47 hours to create in 2019.

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