The Unfolding Butterfly

Animal Paintings

Luna Moth V2 Horizontal Animal Portrait

Luna Moth V2 is a is horizontal version of Luna Moth. It was done on commission for someone who like the original Luna Moth,

Luna Moth Accepted into Beyond the Garden Gate Art Show

My "Luna Moth" was accepted into Beyond the Garden Gate Art Show at the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell, MA

Luna Moth – Acrylic Paint Fine Art

Luna Moth is a mystical acrylic painting of luna moth flying through tree branches toward a full moon. Luna moths are symbols

Tiger – Acrylic Paint Wild Cat Portrait

Tiger is an intense acrylic painting of the face of a tiger. Tigers are symbols of ferocity, patience, and passion. Prints are

Betta Fish Acrylic Painting of a Siamese Fighting Fish

Betta Fish is a beautiful acrylic painting of a siamese fighting fish. The original painting is done with Liquitex acrylic pa

Maya – Black Pug Dog Pet Portrait

Maya is an adorable pet portrait of my black pug. When I took the photo, she was very happy for a spring day.

Resilence Dragonfly Acrylic Paint Fine Art Listed in Portfolio

Resilience is an image of a dragonfly flying above blue ripples. Dragonflies are symbols of change, wisdom, and breaking ill

Macaw Parrot Wildlife Animal Totem Original Acrylic Paint Fine Art

Macaw is an animal totem piece. Macaws are symbols of communication and community.

Transform and Be Free Acrylic Paint Butterfly Fine Art

This painting was created because of an emotional healing process that I wanted to describe using imagery. Even as I was getti

Lion Wildlife Animal Totem Original Acrylic Paint Fine Art

Lion is a portrait of a male lion. Lions are symbols of courage, and strength in overcoming difficulties. The painting was i

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