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Mission: To transform your world by inspiring feelings of peace, love, joy, and compassion for all life, and save the planet.

About Jessica: Jessica Grace Leahy was born Jessica Grace Hoel. Her art focuses on animals and nature, as these are part of her coping mechanisms that bring her peace from her C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that was brought on by repeated traumas that began in early childhood. In addition to C-PTSD, she has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Several of her personalities participate in running The Unfolding Butterfly. A few personalities help with creation, Ami helps with the website, Barbara manages sales, and Sunshine is a shamanka (female shaman) that uses meditation for healing, as well as being one of the personalities who helps with the art.

Jessica’s Artistic Background: Her father was a wood sculptor and started teaching her when she was only 3. He gave Jessica a 110 film camera when she was 6, her first set of oils when she was 10, and then a 35 mm film camera, when she was 12. Jessica started extracurricular art training as a pre-teen at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, on Saturdays. As an adult, she has taken art classes at: UMass Boston and UMaine Augusta. Jessica has a BA in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design from Bridgewater State College (now Bridgewater University). After receiving her degree, Jessica did some online instruction with Digital Tutors to brush up her Photoshop skills, plus learn Maya, Mudbox, and zBrush.

Professional Experience: Before becoming The Unfolding Butterfly, Jessica was creating and selling her art as Jessica Hoel DBA The Hoel Studio. She sold her art in the Boston and Sacramento areas, under that name. She moved from Boston to Sacramento in 2007. Jessica moved back to Boston in 2012 and began another new chapter in her life. In 2016, she chose to go by The Unfolding Butterfly to symbolize the butterfly completing its transformation and emerging from its chrysalis.  Over the years, she has shown her work in restaurants, coffee shops, books stores, small galleries, and other event venues.

Community Involvement: Jessica donates 10% of the sales of her original art to World Wildlife Fund.  When she walks, she uses the Charity Miles app to support WWF.  Jessica even supports them when she shops on Amazon.  Then, she uses Amazon Smile. She also gives to other programs, when she can. So far in 2020, she has given to: The Nature Conservancy, Quincy Animal Shelter, California Fire Foundation SAVE Program, and 8 Billion Trees.

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Jessica Grace Leahy June 2018
Jessica Grace Leahy June 2018
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