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About the Totem Animal Project

Elephant Couple

The Totem Animal Project is a long term work in progress of 72 watercolor pencil drawings that are 16″ x 20″.  I am creating 6 sets of 12.  The first and second sets are complete: aquatic and mammals.  The third set will be birds.  Once the birds are complete, I’ll be doing insects.  The following 12 will be a mix of amphibians, reptiles, and a snail.  The final set will be legendary creatures, such as a unicorn.

In addition to the original works, I’m creating prints and products.  Products include many gift items, but also collectible cards of each set of 12, calendars, and children’s books.  Ultimately, the 72 images will be used to create an oracle card deck.
error: © Jessica Grace Leahy DBA The Unfolding Butterfly
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