3D Cottage Complete!

The 3D Cottage I made with Blender and Photoshop is complete! It is listed for sale on TurboSquid and in the Second Life Marketplace.

One bedroom cottage with great room (open floor plan living room and kitchen), walk-in closet, room for a full bath, and sunroom. The footprint is 30 by 40 meters and the features are different in each platform.

At TurboSquid: The interior walls are unwrapped but not textured. I’ve just used materials as I only cared to have paint on the walls. Exterior elements, doors, windows, floors are textured and have normal maps. Each door handle is separate from its base so it can be animated to turn. The handle is parented to the base and the base is parented to the door.

At Second Life: The cottage is mesh, except for the door hinges. The exterior doors lock with an access list. Plus, you can change the color of the walls of each room. Instructions for the doors and walls are included with the purchase.

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